Recovery Center

The Impact of the Center on the recovery community will be significant.

SRI will assist the community by hosting 12 step meetings for individuals in need of recovery. In addition to hosting 12 Step meetings, SRI also plans to offer speakers and program events on various subjects.

Topics will include employment, Vocational, Higher Education, Medical Assistance, SNAP and CHIP.

Resources including legal issues such as child support, custody, criminal law, credit counseling, family counseling and parenting skills.
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In addition, programs for referrals to agencies for wellness and relapse prevention, holistic and alternative healings and other informative sessions directed toward the recovery community. We expect to tailor such programs and events to the needs expressed by the community we serve and provide such events free of charge. Through recovery oriented events both at the center and in the community, we hope to empower individuals.  This will be done by employing a “bottoms up” or inverted management hierarchy.  Also, we will empower the community, using the center to drive the program events and fundraising activities.  Such activities may include recovery oriented parties, trips, sporting events, music festivals, dramas, poetry readings, comedy shows and other functions.